Venue & Location





The conference will take place at the National Aviation Museum. The museum is situated near the airport and only 500 meters from the city centre.

We are excited and proud to give the conference an atmosphere fitting for the theme.

See program for more details on where in the museum each session will be held.



About the museum

The National Aviation museum exhibits both civil and military aviation history and spans over 10.000 square meters. The museum displays aircrafts from all eras of the aviation history with highlights such as the U2 and the Starfighter. 

The museum was opened in 1994 after a national debate about where it should be located. Bodø was ultimately chosen for its role in the aviation history, both due to the establishment of a large military airforce, and the central role played during the cold war. Secondly, Bodø has also become a communication centre for civil aviation in Northern Norway. The citizens of Bodø are familiar with the noise from both the civil and military airports, which are both located right by the city center itself, and aviation has become a part of the city´s identity. The museum has since acquired a collection of the most important aircrafts from all the eras of the Norwegian aviation history.

The Civil gallery reopened in 2017 with a brand new exhibition where the main focus is how aviation contributed to bringing Norway together as a nation.