Need to Know VIII is organized by

The Need to Know Conference first saw light in 2010 as a collaboration between Institute of National Remembrance in PolandCenter for Cold war studies at the University of Southern Denmark and The Norwegian Aviation Museum.  

The the initiative seek to establish an arena where new postwar research can be presented and discussed, and to bring forward knowledge seen through the light of a changing world, where information falls privy to the releasing and sealing of information due to new political formations. 

The three collaborators invite local partners and change locations for the conference each year. Please contact us, if you would like to contribute to the network.



Norwegian National Aviation Museum



Institute of National Remembrance

Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation.


Center for Cold War Studies

- of the University of Southern Denmark

The Center for Cold War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark exists since 2006. It is focused on these four areas:

  • Modern Military History
  • The Cultural History of the Cold War
  • Secret Service Activities
  • The History of Russia, Eastern and Central Europe

It seeks to strengthen the research in these areas by a thorough application effort. In addition it is our ambition to arrange a number of seminars and conferences within the framework of our center. Since 2011 it has been co-organizer of the Need to Know Conference Series.