Polish communist military intelligence and counterintelligence in Scandinavia during the Cold War. Archival documentation. Reconstruction of operational activities.

Bartosz Kapuściak

In his paper, the author will present the state of preservation and availability of archival documentation of the military intelligence (Oddział II - Department II of the General Staff and later Zarząd II (Executive) of the General Staff) and military counterintelligence of communist Poland (Military Internal Service - WSW). A large part of this documentation, which is also a result of the main tasks planned for the Polish army under the Warsaw Pact, refers to the Scandinavian countries, mainly to Denmark, Norway and Sweden.  The author of the paper will discuss in more details the activities of the foreign station cryptonym "Ornak" in Oslo as well as military counter-intelligence activities directed against the Polish community in Sweden and Denmark. He will also touch upon the question of intelligence activities carried out by Polish anti-communist emigrants based in Scandinavia.

Karl Lorentz Kleve